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Power Rockers Come In Three Standard Sizes

A new line of power rocker switches consist of three sizes—13 x 19 mm, 14 x 28.5 mm, and 25 x 28.5 mm—with each size fitting into a different industry standard panel cutout. Within each size, a number of options are available, including a variety of termination methods, illumination, single/double pole capability, and special markings. Applications for these switches include commercial food handling and storage equipment, welding equipment, and office equipment. The rockers are also suitable for power tools, instrumentation, industrial controls, medical equipment, and small appliances. Most of the switches are rated for 16A at 125 Vac (1/3 HP). The power rocker switches can handle capacitive loads of up to 50A for 3 ms. The actuation force ranges between 150g and 1,250g, depending on size, and mechanical cycle life is rated to exceed 100,000 cycles. Pricing for a 13 x 19 SPST power rocker with or without markings is $0.29 each/25,000. TYCO ELECTRONICS, Harrisburg, PA. (800) 522-6752.


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