Power Splitters Built For Low-PIM DAS Antennas

Power Splitters Built For Low-PIM DAS Antennas

When there are multiple antennas in a building, signals need to split between them. To address this situation, Pulse Electronics developed a line of power splitters for its PIMinator low passive intermodulation (PIM) indoor distributed antenna system (iDAS) family. Low PIM is key to DAS system performance because it reduces or degrades basestation performance (e.g., more dropped calls, lower data rates, etc.). In this regard, the splitters ensure a PIM specification of ‒155 dBc at 2 x 20 W. The four power splitters include: the two-way DASSPLIT2WNF with N female connectors; the three-way DASSPLIT3WNF with N female connectors; the four-way DASSPLIT4WNF with N female connectors; and the two-way DASSPLIT2WDIN with female 7 16 DIN connectors. All measure 7.53 by 2.38 by 0.98 in., and support 2G, 3G, and LTE/4G bands worldwide.


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