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Power Transfer Relay Rated At 30A

Rated at 30A, the series 300XBX is a high-power relay used in power transfer circuits in PC servers, power supplies, test equipment and in other high capacitance/high-voltage devices. The DPDT relay features a high voltage coil rated from 6 vac/vdc up to 250 vdc or 240 vac (rms) and comes with a quarter-inch quick-connect terminals for easy and reliable installation with a variety of cover configurations. Using 2-mm contact gaps with arc barriers that can switch up to 600 vac allows the series to meet European contact gap requirements. Optional features include: an indicator lamp to signal that the coil is energized; blowout magnets for arc quenching in high-voltage dc switching applications; clear polycarbonate housing; and manual test button. The 300XHX is a SPFT version of the relay, rated at 10A at 150 vdc when equipped with a permanent magnet blowout. Pricing for the 300XBX is $9.55 each/5000.


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