Pressure Sensors Take A “Back-Side Entry” Approach

Pressure Sensors Take A “Back-Side Entry” Approach

Merit Sensor Systems’ TR Series of temperature-compensated pressure sensors feature the company’s “back-side entry” packaging, in which the sensing media will not come in contact with the active, top side of the pressure-sensing die. Consequently, the media remains isolated from the electronic circuitry of the silicon pressure-sensing element. With these devices, users can measure absolute or gauge pressure up to 300 psi with a total error band (combined linearity, hysteresis, and repeatability) of ±2.5% full-scale output over its extended temperature range of −40 to +150°C. They operate from a single-supply voltage of 4.5 to 5.5 V dc, and a supply current of 10 mA. The building block for the devices is Merit Sensor’s HM Series MEMS sensing element (bare die), which is built with the company’s Sentium process. A proprietary packaging strategy allows for eutectic soldering of the internally manufactured sensing element. The sensors come in a 0.5- by 0.4- by 0.17-in. miniaturized sensing package (standard options include a 0.50- by 0.40- by 0.31-in. gel-filled pressure port and 0.94- by 0.40- by 0.175-in. ferrule and pins). The robust packaging approach increases burst pressure up to 150°C.


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