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Product Family Cools High-Density Systems

The XD family of cooling products addresses the data center cooling challenges created by the latest generation of high-density computer and communications equipment. It includes the XDA rack-mounted airflow enhancer, XDV water-free ceiling cooling system, and the XDO rack-mounted cooling system. Described as a lightweight fan unit, the XDA mounts to the rear of rack enclosures that measure 60" or greater in height. High-power fans in the unit pull hot air out of the enclosure through the cabling obstructions, diverting it to the hot aisle. Mounting to the top of rack systems, the XDV is a vertical fan coil with a waterless coolant system that draws air out of the rack or from the hot aisle and exhausts cold air into the cold aisle. The XDO is a ceiling-mounted fan coil that draws hot air into side-mounted coils and exhausts cool air vertically into the cold aisle. It also includes a waterless coolant system. The XDV and XDO gain support from either the XDP pumping unit or XDC chiller. The XDP circulates and controls the XD coolant and serves as the intermediary between the building-chilled water loop and the coolant loop while the XDC is an indoor chiller that provides XD coolant circulation and control. Both units keep the coolant above the dew point in the room. LIEBERT CORP., St. Louis, MO. (800) 877-9222.


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