Electronic Design

Profile Sensor Detects Multiple Light Spots

The S9132 profile sensor weighs in with numerous advantages over conventional CMOS area image sensors and 2D position-sensitive detectors (PSDs). Among them are improved output linearity and the ability to detect multiple light spots. It's designed for use in inspection equipment and medical measurement devices. The S9132 acquires a projection profile in the X and Y axes to produce high-speed position and moving object detection. It has a 1.9968 by 1.9968 mm2 active area with a 256- by 256-pixel array. Spectral response range is 350 to 1150 nm. At 780 nm, peak sensitivity of 40 V/nJ (high gain) or 8 V/nJ (low gain) is achieved. The S9132 is priced at $11.52 in 1000-piece quantities.

Hamamatsu Corp.
http://usa.hamamatsu.com; (800) 524-0504

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