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Programmable Clock Generators Work With Intel 815 Chipset

Announced as the industry's first programmable clock generators that work with the Intel 815, Solano chipset and Pentium III and Celeron processors, IMI family consists of 11 devices which include chips for desktop and mobile applications. Standard features include the ability to provide up to three copies of the CPU clock, 13 copies of the SDRAM clock for the PC133 bus, and support for up to eight copies of the PCI clock, three copies of the 3V66 clocks, two IOAPIC clocks, two REF clocks, one USB clock, and one DOT clock.
The devices provide unique programming features that include the ability to program the rate of spread-spectrum control sweeps, to program clock outputs to any frequencies above standard values, and to program the amount of delay. Available in 48- and 56-pin TSSOPs, pricing starts at $2.55 each/1000.


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