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Programmable Headers Provide A Low-Cost Alternative To DIP Switches

The Series 675 DIP program headers offer both X and Y programming within the header itself. The devices provide a low-cost, effective alternative to DIP switches. The headers can be individually programmed using cutters or the company's programming tool (part #T-675) to remove interconnecting sections.

Adjacent and opposing pins can be interconnected for Series 675 headers with four to 16 pins. Opposing pins only can be programmed on headers with four to 20 pins. An almost infinite number of programs can be obtained by leaving in or removing interconnection sections. A low-profile, snap-on cover offers protection from contaminants or accidental shorting of the header. The cover can be marked to identify the programs within the header. The standard programmable header body and cover are made of red UL 94-HB glass-filled nylon. The body and cover of the high-temperature header are constructed from black UL 94V-0 4/6 nylon.

Pricing for a 16-pin (seven-position) Series 675 programmable header starts at $0.95 in 1000-unit quantities.

Aries Electronics Inc.
(908) 996-6841; www.arieselec.com

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