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Programmable Oscillators Are Low On Jitter

Featuring a frequency range from 1 MHz to 125 MHz, the PrO S8002C ceramic series programmable oscillators operate at 3V and 3.3V with a maximum jitter level of 50 ps from 33 MHz to 90 MHz, 100 ps from 5 MHz to 33 MHz, and 167 ps from 1 MHz to 5 MHz. When operating on 5V, maximum jitter specifications are 42 ps from 33 MHz to 125 MHz and 100 ps from 1 MHz to 33 MHz.A unique internal programming feature allows for the delivery of a custom programmed oscillator within one to two days. The components boast of precise rise and fall times and a frequency stability of ±25 ppm, ±50 ppm or ±100 ppm over all operating conditions. Available on 16 mm tape in 500-piece reels, the oscillators measure 5 mm x 7 mm x 1.8 mm in a ceramic, surface-mount package.

Company: SARONIX

Product URL: Click here for more information

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