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Programmable Oscillators Suited For Quick Prototyping

Housed in an industry-standard 7 x 5 mm ceramic SMT package, the CFPP-72 and CFPP-73 one-time factory programmable oscillators are available in frequencies between 1 and 133 MHz. Suited for quick prototyping, the devices also provide an alternative to fixed-frequency components for a wide range of production applications, including telecomm transmission systems and process equipment. CFPP-73 series oscillators operate from a 5V supply and cover the entire 1-to-133 MHz frequency range, while the low-power CFPP-73 series takes a 3.3V supply and offers frequencies up to 100 MHz. Both devices can be specified for operating temperature ranges of from 0°C to +70°C or from -40°C to +85°C, with frequency stabilities down to ±50 ppm in each. Both devices can be operated in tristate mode and provide HCMOS output, while the CFPP-72 series also offers TTL output. Pricing starts at $4.10 each.


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