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Programmable Recorder Measures Shock/Vibration

Designed to operate within moving environments, the TelaSHOCK programmable, three-axis shock recorder measures and records the peak acceleration levels to which the package or container is subjected along with the date and time of occurrence. The device is supplied with three internal, monolithic accelerometers oriented for the measurement of three perpendicular axes. The unit can be mounted in any orientation and the standard measurement range is -50g to +50g. For setup and data recovery, the recorder is used in conjunction with a PC running the company's Windows-based software. Once activated, the recorder senses and records the shock and vibration levels that occur within preset time-bin periods. The bin period is programmable from 0.25s to over 24 hr. The highest measurement within each period is stored and the device can measure and record up to 8192 time-tagged acceleration levels per axis and store them in solid-state memory.


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