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Proximity Sensor And Magnet Distance Themselves

As long as a magnet can be affixed to the target, the C 12 bi-stable Mag sensor and magnet proximity switches can sense a magnet at distances up to 2" away. The components come with dry contact outputs, NPN or PNP, available in 500 mA, 1A, and 3A sealed-reed versions. The sensors can, reportedly, see through walls with adjustable sensitivity, which allows them to see through various materials, eliminating the need for holes. Other features include integral time delay, relay outputs, and an operating temperature from -200°C to +250°C. Options include up to three contacts and a latched or bi-stable contact or a standard and latched contact. Starting price is $999 each. HOYT ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENT WORKS, Penacook, NH. (800) 258-3652.


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