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Proximity Sensors Address Need For Smaller Components

Proximity Sensors Address Need For Smaller Components

Responding to market demand for components with smaller footprints, the PRX+3800 (Form B) and PRX+3900 (Form C) cylindrical, magnetic proximity sensors suit a broad array of applications including safety, security, alarm, equipment, machinery, manufacturing, and processing systems. The PRX+3800 Form B SPST reed switch comes in a temperature-resistant tubular housing measuring 3.18 mm in diameter and 19.05 mm in length. The SPDT PRX+3900 Form C change-over reed switch features a similar housing and dimensions. Both sensors operate using a permanent magnet or an electromagnetic coil and specify an operating distance of 6.35 mm and a 2W power rating. Maximum operating temperature is 105°C. Prices for the PRX+3800 and PRX+3900 are in the range of $5 to $7 each depending on quantity and options. HERMETIC SWITCH INC., Chickasha, OK. (405) 224-4046.
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