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Proximity Sensors Boast Of Long Sensing Distances

E2S inductive proximity sensors are IP67-rated and include long sensing distances of 1.6 mm for the 5.5 x 5.5 mm type and 2.5 mm for the 8 x 8 mm type. Available in 36 styles based on size, top or front sensing, output configuration and operation status, the sensors let users specify the configuration best suited for the application. Two-wire dc versions not only reduce wiring costs by one-third when compared with conventional three-wire dc types, but they also offer extremely low power consumption of 0.8 mA at 24 vdc, which is about one-twentieth the power consumption of the three-wire sensors. With a rapid, 1-kHz response time, the E2S can keep pace with high-speed machines and devices.


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