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Proximity Sensors Use Giant Magnetoresistive Technology

Based on the giant magnetoresistive (GMR) principle, the new GMR series is said to represent a totally new approach to proximity sensing. These highly sensitive devices utilize an omnipolar sensing element, which can be activated by either the North or South pole of the magnet. Claimed to be ideal for rugged applications in harsh environments, the sensors deliver extremely stable operating characteristics over a wide range of temperatures.
The GMR sensor package includes both the sensor and the signal-processing electronics. No further electronics are needed to process the digital output signal. Supplied with an open collector output, the GMR sensor is capable of sinking 24 mA and is able to drive signals over wire lengths of up to 50'.
The first sensor to be offered in the series is the model MP100106. Operating voltage range is 5 to 24 Vdc at a maximum supply current of 10 mA. Pricing varies depending on model, options and quantity ordered. Pricing is $20.88 each/500.


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