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Proximity Switch Squeezes Into Tight Spots

Proximity Switch Squeezes Into Tight Spots

Said to be one of the smallest, the R12575 micro-proximity switch measures 0.379" in length and 0.098". Typical applications include security systems, safe designs, and industrial control. The component draws no power in the off state and lead length and termination can be customized. Specs include a typical operating time of 0.2 ms, release time of 0.1 ms, power rating of 3 VA maximum, switching capacity of 0.1 Adc, carry current rating of 0.5 Adc, a switching voltage of 50 Vdc, and an operating temperature range from 40°C to +125°C. STANDEX ELECTRONICS INC., Cincinnati, OH. (513) 871-3777.


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