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PSSRs Promise High Reliability, Long Life

PSSRs Promise High Reliability, Long Life

The company’s single- and three-phase power solid-state relays (PSSRs) promise to reliably switch ac loads up to 20A. Unlike standard contactors or relays, they operate silently and can switch high loads over a long period of time without any wear. The components feature a high peak load rating with sufficient reserves to trip in-line fuses. Integrated protection circuits consisting of varistors and RC-combinations enable the PSSR to function reliably even in instances of capacitive and inductive current spikes. Relays are available for 24 Vdc or 230 Vac control voltage applications and each includes a green LED for identification of operating status.  The PSSRs are DIN-rail mountable and allegedly easy to wire. WEIDMULLER INTERCONNECTIONS INC., Richmond, VA. (800) 849-9343.


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