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PTC Resettable Fuse Keeps USB Ports On Call

The new 2.6A, 1812 Series of surface-mount positive temperature coefficient (PTC) fuses is designed to protect multiple universal serial bus (USB) ports against damaging overcurrent conditions. The resettable devices have a maximum on-resistance of 50 milliohms, which the company says is the lowest currently available in the industry. The 2.6A design is also said to be the highest current rating available in an 1812 size package. In operation, the effective resistance of the PTC's polymer-based material increases with temperature (overcurrent condition), cutting current flow. As the temperature drops, the device resets and restores normal operation. The PTCs, which measure 0.179"L x 0.127"W x 0.05"H, are UL and CSA recognized and TUV approved. They are packaged in tape-and-reels and are priced at $0.25 each/100,000.


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