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Quad-Channel Digital Potentiometer Fits High Reliability In Small Package

The quad-channel AD5263 is a 15-V, 256-position digital potentiometer with a selectable digital interface. Controlled from a pin-selectable three-wire serial peripheral interface (SPI) or a two-wire I2C-compatible data interface, the potentiometer performs the same electronic adjustment function as a mechanical trimmer, variable resistor, or potentiometer, with higher reliability and smaller size. The device can use a single 15-V supply with 0- to 15-V signals or a dual ±5-V supply with ±5-V signals. Each of the AD5263's four channels contains a fixed resistor rated at 20, 50, or 200 k‡. In the I2C interface mode, the reset and shutdown functions can be individually set for each wiper, and the microcontroller can read back the current wiper position. The AD5263's low 50-ppm/°C temperature coefficient suits it for a variety of applications, including optical network laser-diode adjustment, gain and offset adjustment in instrumentation, multichannel audio level control, line impedance matching, and programmable voltage-to-current conversion. It comes in a thin, narrow TSSOP-24 package and operates over the extended automotive temperature range of -40°C to 125°C. In 1000-unit quantities, the AD5263 costs $3.16 each.

Analog Devices Inc.
www.analog.com; (800) ANALOG-D

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