Electronic Design

Quartz-Based High-Pressure Sensors

Performing high-pressure measurements in extreme applications such as internal ballistics, closed bomb testing, and weapons discharge testing no doubt calls for the most rugged of sensors. Kistler North America’s latest innovation, the Type 6215 high-precision sensor, claims to meet that charge. Its design of a quartz-crystal sensing element and front-sealed diaphragm, packaged in a stainless-steel housing, helps minimize mechanical and thermal stresses on the sensor. Measurements range from 0 to 6000 BAR (0 to 87,000 psi). The sensor features a high-impedance output and sensitivity of -1.4 pC/bar (-0.1 pC/psi), with a natural frequency of less than 240 kHz. Units are rugged to 25,000 g shock, and offer a 1-µs rise time and a less than ±1% FSO linearity specification across all pressure ranges.



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