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Quartz Crystal Oscillators Deliver High Frequencies Sans PLL

Thanks to use of advanced crystal overtone technology, the HK-2900 series of quartz-crystal oscillators is able to provide a high-frequency reference without resorting to phase-locked-loop (PLL) techniques. As a result, the negative impact of power supply noise insertion and synchronization with other PLL devices is avoided. With a frequency range of up to 600 MHz, the oscillators are well suited to applications requiring a highly stable frequency reference and greater clock timing cycle efficiencies.Cycle-to-cycle jitter is less than 30 ps, making the oscillators a good candidate for applications in which optimized system performance is critical. All offer PECL complementary output signals. They use positive voltage and multiple ground pins for improved signal integrity. User-specified tolerances from ±0.01% are typically available.


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