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Quiet Cabinet Cooler Protects Enclosures

The new mini Cabinet Cooler protects electronics from high external temperatures while maintaining sound levels of only 60 dBA at 3 feet. The compact air conditioner features internal muffling for quiet operation and an external sleeve for added insulation. The device stands 5.2" high, making it well suited for mounting in confined spaces. The cooler incorporates a vortex tube that cools ordinary compressed air to 20°F. The cool air is circulated through the enclosure to eliminate high temperature malfunctions while providing a constant purge to keep the panel free of dust and contaminants. Systems include thermostat control to minimize air usage and a compressed air filter to assure the air is clean and dry. The 550 BTU/hr. cooling capacity is suited for moderate heat loads. Applications include cooling programmable controllers, CNC panels, camera and laser housings, and computer cabinets.

Company: EXAIR CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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