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Raceway Eases Wire And Cable Routing

The MediaTrak 10 is a large-capacity, nonmetallic-surface raceway that provides three channels suitable for the simultaneous installation of both electrical and datacom cabling. For data cabling, the raceway accommodates up to 84 Cat 5E cables while maintaining cable-fill requirements. Fittings have a 1.25" minimum bend radius to accommodate all copper- and fiber-cable bend requirements. Full-capacity boxes are available in one, two and three gangs are available that, in addition to maintaining data and electrical separation, maintain a traditional vertical orientation when the raceway is installed in a horizontal position. The raceway is tamper resistant and is UL rated for up to 600V. One of the channels has a red indicator to suggest use for electrical wiring and the 16" centers of each channel are marked on the base to ease alignment. Wire clips are available to secure cables and fit under the cover.


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