Electronic Design
Rack-Mount Switches Apply For Dynamic Backup Apps

Rack-Mount Switches Apply For Dynamic Backup Apps

The QuickSwitch Model 6293 single-mode, LC duplex fiber optic A/B/C switch with remote serial access accesses any one of three separate fiber optic networks from one computer via pushbutton and remote ASCII control. Multiple thin profile units stack in a standard rack enabling users to get the most function from the least amount of room space. The switch supports single-mode fiber (SMF-28), 9/125 micron fiber with a wavelength of 1,310 nm. All switched signals pass via mirror relays that maintain their position and continuity even in the event of a power loss. Additionally, the M6293 employs MEMS mirror switching, supporting OC12 speeds of 622 Mb/s. ELECTRO STANDARDS LABORATORIES, Cranston, RI. (877) 943-1164.


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