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Radial Lead Tactile Switches Offer Actuation-Force Choices

The CR1102H and CR1102V series tactile switches, packaged on radial-lead ammo packs, offer numerous actuation-force options. The CR1102H offers 100, 130, 160, and 260 ± 50 gF while the CR1102V series right-angle switches include 100, 160 and 260 ± 50 gF options. Additionally, the CR1102H components come with actuator lengths from 4.3 mm to 9.5 mm. Actuator length of the CR1102V is 4.75 mm. Both series specify an electrical life of 100,000 cycles with an electrical rating of 50 mA at 48 Vdc, a contact resistance of less than 50 milliOhms initial, dielectric strength of 1 kVrms minimum with an insulation resistance in excess of 100 MegaOhms minimum, and an operating/storage temperature range from -40°C to +85°C. Pricing starts from $0.034 each depending on volume. CIT RELAY & SWITCH, Maple Grove, MN. (763) 535-2339.


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