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RAID System Combines Chassis, Controllers

The UROC-1000 UltraRAID system is only 2U high to save rack space and includes Chaparral's G-7313 or G-5312 RAID controllers that can control up to 60 drives. This system offers complete reliability with hot-swap, n+1 150W power factor-corrected power and n+1 cooling. The backplane design allows the RAID controllers to be hot swapped. The chassis supports up to four LVD channels to the drives and up to two host channels. With the Chaparral G-7313 controller, the chassis provides up to four LVD drive channels and two Fibre Channel host channels. With the Chaparral G-5312 controller, the disk channel and host channels are all SCSI LVD. Using either controller, the system supports RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5 and 10 and is well-suited for high-speed transfer applications such as video streaming, pre-press and data.


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