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Reinforced Enclosures Handle Harsh Conditions

The TFG series enclosures boast of explosion protection through design measures that prevent the possibility of excessive heat build up and the occurrence of an arc or spark from the enclosures's EEx'e' certified terminal blocks. The protection is accomplished through limiting the number of terminal blocks and the amount of current, maintaining proper electrical creepage and clearances, and the security of electrical connections. These enclosures are compression molded from a fiberglass reinforced polyester resin, making them useful for indoor and outdoor areas where dampness and high corrosive atmospheres are present, such as petrochemical, waste and water treatment, food processing, salt, and chemical facilities. They have a service temperature range of -20¡C to 40¡C and come in 18 sizes, ranging from the smallest measuring 6" x 4" x 4". to the largest having 20" x 16" x 10" dimensions

Company: ADALET

Product URL: Click here for more information

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