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Relay Module Enhance Automated Functional Test

Relay Module Enhance Automated Functional Test

Simply dubbed Switching Solutions, a family of low cost relay modules includes six products: the Relay-MATE, Switch-MATE, Switch-MATE/HC, Mux-MATE, 4Wire-MATE, and EXP-MATE.  Each module provides eight mechanical relays except the Mux-MATE that has 16 relays.  The Relay-MATE is configured for DPDT relays with 1A switching while the Switch-MATE and the Switch-MATE/HC both use SPST relays, 1A and 10A respectively.  The Mux-MATE routes signals to external test equipment by multiplexing 16 DPDT channels to a common output. The 4Wire-MATE supports four-wire Kelvin measurements or data communications related apps. Lastly, the EXP-MATE allows any combination of eight Oi relay modules to be grouped together and controlled as a single integrated system.  OVERTON INSTRUMENTS, Sacramento, CA. (916) 519-2463.

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