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Terminal Block Relay Modules Offer A Range Of Timing Functions
Members of the Flare series of DIN rail-mounted terminal block relay modules are suited for industrial and process-control applications. With a thickness of 6.22 mm, the modules save as much as 80% of the panel space required by conventional "cube" relays.

With a control input of 24 V dc, the modules feature output switching of 250 V ac at 6 A. Module versions are available for a wide range of single-function and multifunction timing applications. The multifunction model features On Delay, Off Delay, Cycle On, Cycle Off, and One Shot functions, all accessed via built-in DIP switches. The time range is also set via DIP switches from 0.1 to 300 s. Fine adjustment is enabled by a miniature potentiometer.

All models in the series are packaged in 6.2-mm thick DIN rail-mounted UL94 V-0 rated polyamide 6.6 housings. Available options include screw clamp terminations for #10-24 AWG conductors or spring-clamp terminations for high-vibration applications accepting #12-24 AWG wire sizes. The modules also feature two-pole pluggable jumpers as well as 10-pole comb jumpers to reduce wiring time for faster installation. The modules comply with the European CE directive requirements and CSA, UL, and VDE guidelines.

Typical pricing for the Flare series of modules starts at $15.79.

Wieland Electric Inc., 49 International Rd., Burgaw, NC 28425-0759; (910) 259-5050; fax (910) 259-3691; www.wielandinc.com.

Relay Adds Optional Auxiliary Contact And Coil Voltages
The EV200 model relay now has an optional auxiliary contact and 48- and 72-V dc coil voltages. This relay is rated to make, break, and carry 200 A. It is also rated to carry 500 A for 10 s and interrupt 2000 A at 320 V dc.

The sealed auxiliary contacts are rated for 2 A at 28 V dc and 3 A at 125 V ac. The hermetically sealed relay operates in explosive and harsh environments. It measures 56 by 66 mm. According to the company, it is the smallest and lightest sealed relay in the industry with a comparable contact rating. It is designed for use in hybrid, fuel-cell, and all-electric vehicle applications. It also may be employed in distributed power and storage systems and as retrofits for many electric industrial trucks.

The EV200 includes a built-in coil economizer, limiting average coil-holding power to less than 1.7 W with no EMF when coil power is turned off. The relay operates over the 9- to 36-V dc, 32- to 95-V dc, and 48- to 95-V dc coil voltage ranges.

In 5000-unit quantities, the EV200—with an auxiliary contact—costs less than $45.

Kilovac, P.O. Box 4422, Santa Barbara, CA 93140; (805) 684-4560; fax (805) 684-9679; www.ciitech.com.

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