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Relays Have Gold Covered Bifurcated Contacts

High-sensitivity electromechanical relays intended for telecommunications, signal processing, ATE, and instrumentation applications, CP Series relays feature gold overlaid-on-silver alloy bifurcated contacts in a 2 Form C package sealed for cleaning and wave soldering. With 79-mW pick-up sensitivity, 140-mW power consumption, and 2A switch and carry current, the relays are drop-in replacements for Aromat TQ2E and Omron G6H relays. Rated for 1 x 107 mechanical and 2 x 106 electrical operations at 20 vdc at 20 mA or 20 mVac at 1 mA, the relays are UL approved and come in 5, 6, 9, 12, 24 and 48 vdc versions.

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