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Relay/Terminal Block Package Handles PLC Interface Chores

Suitable for use as the interface between programmable logic controllers and field devices, the PLC-REL is a series of electromechanical and solid-state relay and terminal block packages that save panel space, shorten installation time, and improve the reliability of control systems. In a slim, 6.2-mm-wide package, users get either an electromechanical relay with a 6A, Form C contact or a solid-state relay with 2A switching capacity. The housing's form factor enables users to fit up to seven relays in the same space that's typically occupied by one octal socket-style relay device.The relays are pluggable, which allows for easy replacement without disconnecting wiring. A bridging system, which needs no tools for installation, can be used to jumper relay coil commons together. This reduces wiring time by up to 50%. The units save DIN-rail space by eliminating power-distribution terminal blocks.

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