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Resettable Fuse Improves Telecom Line Protection

Designed to improve upon existing telecommunication protection devices, the radial-lead, ceramic and polymer Polyfuse HVR600 series resettable and blow-type fuses protect against power crosses and lightning strikes and provide over-current protection for applications that must pass Telcordia GR-1089, UL 60950, and EIA-IS-968 requirements. The Ceramic HVR600 series claims to be the industry’s first resettable telecom protector based on ceramic positive temperature coefficient (CPTC) materials. The fuses will not ignite with an open flame after a catastrophic fault condition, relying on a failsafe feature that causes them to fail in a closed-circuit mode. Both ceramic and polymer versions can withstand a maximum power-cross condition of 600 Vac and operate continuously at voltages up to 60 Vdc. The devices are available in sorted resistance ranges, narrow resistance bin variances, and pre-tripped. Other features include 150 mA and 160 mA hold currents and leaded and lead-free versions. Single-unit pricing begins at $0.25 in OEM quantities. WICKMANN USA INC., Atlanta, GA. (800) 553-7894.


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