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Resistive Touch Panels Consume Little Power

Improved optical materials help the FID-550 and FID-554 series resistive touch panels to achieve a maximum power consumption of 20 mA (15 mA typical) operating from a 5V supply. Capable of operating over a 0¡C to 50¡C temperature range, FID-554 panels use four-wire analog resistive technology and have a minimum writing life of 100 kwords. By employing a proprietary single resistive layer detection technology, FID-550 units have a minimum writing life of 1 Mwords typical and can operate over a -5¡C to 60¡C temperature range. Both series come in panel sizes from under 5.7" to greater than 18" and in pen- and finger-input models. Prices range from $30 to $90 each in OEM quantities. Microcontrollers cost under $10. FUJITSU TAKAMISAWA AMERICA INC., Sunnyvale, CA. (800) 380-0059.


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