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Resistor Terminators Offer Very Low Parasitic Capacitance And Inductance

The WAMT and MSMW series of 40-GHz resistor terminators from Mini-Systems Inc. offer very low parasitic capacitance and inductance. They come in 0.020- by 0.010-in. packages with values from 3 to 400 Ω. Other standard sizes are available on request from 2 Ω to 5 kΩ. Tolerances are as tight as ±0.02%, temperature coefficients of resistance (TCR) are as low as ±10 ppm/°C, and TC tracking is ±2 ppm/°C. Resistor noise characteristics are better than –30 dB, with stray capacitance less than 0.02 pF. Terminations accommodate solder reflow or conductive-epoxy attachment processes.

Mini-Systems Inc.


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