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RF Remote-Control/Sensor Transceiver Modules Slash Volume Cost Under $9

RF Remote-Control/Sensor Transceiver Modules Slash Volume Cost Under $9

Available in its next-generation Hummingbird platform, Linx Technologies offers the HumRC transceiver for bidirectional remote control and sensor applications. According to the company, it’s the lowest-cost wideband transceiver with microcontroller module, coming in at below $9 in volume. The module integrates a frequency-hopping spread-spectrum (FHSS) protocol, and supports current 2.4-GHz and 900-MHz versions with a common footprint and pinout (support for 868 MHz and others will follow). The RF module comes in a PLCC32-footprint package measuring less than 14 by 12 mm. The transceiver’s eight lines can be configured as either inputs for buttons or outputs for drive circuitry. Selectable automatic acknowledgements may include up to 2 bytes of custom data, such as additional control codes, sensor values, or battery voltage. Basic remote-control operation doesn’t require programming; however, there’s a serial UART interface for advanced operation. All functions are controllable via serial commands. Two analog lines can be connected to sensors, enabling remote interrogation of voltage on those lines. For basic sensor applications, the module can replace the microcontroller.


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