Electronic Design

RF Shielding Gasket Requires Very Low Compression Force

The 99-830-06-20 gasket from Omega Shielding Products is designed to offer excellent RF attenuation in applications that require very low compression force throughout the deflection range of the part. By reducing or eliminating seam openings with the beryllium copper gasket, designers can create an enclosure that effectively works as one continuous EMI/RFI absorbing surface.

The clip-on design is well-suited for mounting surfaces that range from 0.035 to 0.055 in. thick with a dynamic range of 0.10 in. The clip-on design with a flat upper contact member is what allows the low compression force. The most common applications for the gasket are in enclosure doors and around cabinet flanges. The 99-830-06-20 beryllium copper shielding gaskets are available from stock in a bright surface finish. Contact the company for pricing. For more information, go to www.omegashielding.com.

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