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RFI Shielding Gasket Has New Configuration

The elastomeric core of this RFI shielding gasket features an interior conductive path from top to bottom of the exterior conductive surfaces. The gasket is made using Microbridge technology, which creates a microscopic conductive bridge through the body of an elastomeric extruded gasket. The conductive element traces a path by putting the conductor only where it is needed through the interior of the silicone rubber core, yielding significant cost savings for the conductive material. It also leaves the outside face of the mounting surface side with as much adhesion-active area as possible, as well as offering improved galvanic corrosion resistance and lowering the forces required to compress and deflect the installed gasket. The gasket is well-suited for use in I/O backplanes and general-purpose RFI/EMI shielding applications.

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