Ring Terminals Boast Full Range Of Metric Sizes

Ring Terminals Boast Full Range Of Metric Sizes

Molex’s seamless-barrel insulated Avikrimp and non-insulated VersaKrimp ring terminals now come in a full range of metric sizes for optimum fit. These terminals suit metric-size studs and screws up to 10 mm in diameter and wire sizes up to 6 mm2. They terminate to metric screws or threaded posts and can be used in solderless wiring applications. The non-insulated VersaKrimp rings feature a brazed seam to create a seamless barrel that eliminates the need for proper orientation during crimping and permits 360° of rotation in the crimp jaws for faster and more reliable crimping. The Avikrimp style rings are pre-insulated with nylon on the barrel to prevent arcing between adjacent terminals when on a barrier strip terminal block. The barrels have tin-plated brass ferrules, which allow for both a conductor and insulation crimp (strain relief) to provide optimum vibration resistance and fulfil TUV, VDE, IEC, and DIN performance requirements. The Avikrimp also permits 360° of rotation in the crimp jaws.


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