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RJ45 Connectors Target Fire-Resistant Rail, Bus Data Cables

RJ45 Connectors Target Fire-Resistant Rail, Bus Data Cables

Harting’s RJ industrial EtherRail 4-pole RJ45 connector, with a wire diameter of up to 2 mm, will find homes in data cables used for fire protection. Specifically, it will suit the 4-core Ha-VIS 4xAWG22/7 EtherRail data cable for laying on and in rail vehicles and buses. It also works with the company’s  4xAWG22/19 cable, which is mainly used as a linking connection between rail wagons, as well as installations within rail vehicles and buses.

Ha-VIS EtherRail cable design and construction, materials, and processing (irradiation crosslinking) meet the requirements of the EN 45545 European standard for rail applications. It also fulfills comprehensive fire tests in accordance with DIN5510, UL1685, and many other national and international requirements. The robust star quad design guarantees reliable data transfer up to 100 Mbits/s. In connection with the new Industrial EtherRail RJ45 connector, it’s now possible to implement mechanical, highly robust RJ45 data cabling in trains, trams, and buses.


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