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Rocker Switch Handles Multiple Circuits Simultaneously

Designed for switching applications in telecommunications, instrumentation, medical equipment, workstations and computer peripherals, the C&K 7000 series rocker switch comes in a six-pole design effective for switching multiple circuits simultaneously. Rated at 250V for the European market and 110V for the North American market, the switch can be designed into equipment for line as well as low-voltage switching. Because of its unique 3+3 pole design, the switch creates complete isolation between two sets of switching contacts, meeting the most stringent agency requirements for isolation of low-voltage and line-voltage circuits. Typical applications are simultaneous switching of power-on, reset and mode-set functions in high-end equipment such as enterprise storage systems. Key advantages include the need to switch only one actuator to perform multiple functions, along with reduced costs and space requirements-as multiple switches normally required to switch six circuits are no longer necessary. Switches are rated at 0.4 VA maximum at 20 Vac or dc for gold-plated contacts, and 5A at 120 Vac or 28 Vdc or 2A at 250 Vac for silver-plated contacts. Volume pricing is less than $12 each. ITT INDUSTRIES, Cannon, Watertown, MA. (617) 926-6400.


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