Electronic Design

Rogowski Coil Sensors Set Benchmark For Accuracy

Claiming to set new accuracy standards, the RT series ac-current sensors based on patent-pending, perfect-loop technology achieve an absolute accuracy of better than 0.65% including the position error. As per the company, this makes the components the first split-core Rogowski coils suitable for use in Class 1 power devices. Reportedly, the sensors overcome asymmetry problems resulting from discontinuity at the sensor opening via a unique, patent-pending magnetic coupling technology that allows a perfect extension of the magnetic flux at the loop opening. Also, an advanced coil-winding process that produces regular windings further enhances sensor symmetry, accuracy, and immunity to electromagnetic interference. The 5-mm gauge RT sensors are currently available with sensing apertures measuring 55 mm or 125 mm in diameter. For further information, call LEM USA INC., Milwaukee, WI. (800) 236-5366.


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