Electronic Design

Rotary DIP Switches Add Actuated Option

Abetting easier actuation, the FR Series 10-mm, surface-mount rotary DIP switches now include a shaft-actuated option. Previous versions are only available with screwdriver actuation while the latest shaft-actuated version enables hand actuation while still retaining adjustability via flathead screwdriver. With a height of 3.8mm, the devices may have the lowest profile in the industry. Ten-position decimal and 16-position hexadecimal configurations are available in real or complement codes. Electrical rating is 100 mA at 5 Vdc while switching and 100 mA at 50 Vdc when not switching. Operating temperature range is -25°C to +85°C. NKK SWITCHES, Scottsdale, AZ. (480) 991-0942.

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