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Rotary Position Sensor Enables Flexible Configurations

Rotary Position Sensor Enables Flexible Configurations

Embarking as a surface-mount version of the established PT15 potentiometer, the PS15 rotary position sensor provides configurable capabilities for maximum design flexibility in a 15-mm package. The component is available with seven different rotor designs and 15 shaft styles with a choice of nine colors in standard or UL94 compatible plastic. An optional detent feature encourages further customization. Also, the company can design up to 27 different detent configurations anywhere within the electrical rotation. Residing in a dust-proof enclosure, the PS15 comes standard with a 240° electrical angle, and linear, log, and anti-log tapers. Performance characteristics include a rotational angle of 265º ±5 º, an operating temperature of -40ºC to + 85ºC, and tolerances of ±30%.  Other selection options include a SPDT switch, extended life cycle, custom tapers, measured linearity, and different electrical angles. Pricing starts at $0.46 each/10,000. PIHER NORTH AMERICA, Libertyville, IL. (847) 918-9300.

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