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Rotary Position Sensors Operate Without Contacts

The R1380 series contactless rotary position sensors perform angular displacement measurements on rotating elements such as valves, dampers, and sorters. The sensors are available in a variety of electrical configurations, including analog voltage and 4- to 20-mA output versions. The units can be adapted to suit a number of process control and industrial applications. Able to rotate a full 360°, the R1380 sensors measure angular position up to 100°. Units are rated for a ±50° or 0° to 100° measurement range with linearity to ±0.25%. They operate at temperatures from −20°C to 85°C. Standard units require a ±15-V dc supply and yield a ±10-V dc output. Other electrical configurations include a regulated 5-V dc input with 0.5- to 4.5-V dc output for mobile applications. Pricing for the R1380 sensors starts at $495.

Macro Sensors
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