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Rotary Sensors/Encoders Get Tough

Operating reliably in extreme conditions and applications, the solid-state RLS magnetic rotary sensors/encoders offer redundant models featuring two independent sensors on one chip. Each sensor is totally isolated from the other and is optionally available with a separate power supply. The two-in-one units are available with eight-bit to 13-bit sensors and each sensor can output SSI or incremental position information. Position error between the two sensors is better than ±1 bit. Other features include high-resolution positioning up to 8,192 counts per revolution, speeds to over 30,000 rpm, measurement accuracies to 0.4°, operating temperatures from -25°C to +125°C, and high resistance to shock, vibration, G forces, and pressure. For more details and prices, call RENISHAW INC., Hoffman Estates, IL. (847) 286-9953.


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