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Rotary Solenoid Offers Bi-Stable Latching Feature

The RSA 13/5 rotary solenoid is said to be a cost-effective, bi-stable latching device that is designed for use in sorting or diverting operations, as well as in any applications where fast operation and zero-power and position-hold are critical requirements.
The rotary solenoid features a permanent magnet that allows self-holding, bi-stable operation with zero power consumption in either latch position. Operating time is 15 ms with a load of 30 g/cm2, and ball-bearing surfaces on all moving parts extend the operating life of the relay.
Other features include a low-noise design that uses built-in end stops to reduce shock and noise, ease of installation via a single fastener, easy assembly in high volumes, and a 20° rotation. Prices start at $21 each/1,000, with the solenoids available in both standard and custom configurations.


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