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Rotary Switch Handles Stringent Applications

A new rotary switch has been designed to handle a multitude of industrial applications, including those with the most stringent requirements. With continuous ratings ranging from 5A to 30A at 600V, these detent-action switches provide up to 16 positions and up to 75 poles. All models include fully enclosed decks and silver-plated, blade-type, double-sided, double-wiping contacts for low-resistance, shockproof contacting. Instrument switches in the product line have shorting contacts and allow sequential connections to the same switching deck. All models have spring return to vertical position as a standard feature. The switch comes in five basic models spanning four continuous amperage ratings: Series 28, 5A at 600V; Series 25, 10A at 600V; Series 21 and 31, 15A at 600V; and Series 24, 30A at 600V. Series 21, 25 and 28 models have four-hole mounts, Series 24 has a three-hole mount, and Series 31 comes with either a single-hole or a four-hole mount. Optional features include waterproof mounts, gear-driven operation, push-to-turn handles, and key operation. All models have terminal screws for easy, strong connections. All are UL recognized and CSA certified. Pricing starts at $25. ELECTROSWITCH CORP., Weymouth, MA. (781) 335-5200.


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