Rugged Single-Axis Gyro Sets Sights On Image Stablization

Rugged Single-Axis Gyro Sets Sights On Image Stablization

Gladiator Technologies’ G150Z single-axis gyro, designed for demanding commercial image-stabilization applications, delivers a bipolar “VSG compatible” signal that outputs balanced 0 V ± 5 V. Another key feature of the NON-ITAR MEMS device is its ultra-low noise of 0.001°/sec/√Hz ~ 0.042°/√Hour (1 σ). Interchangeable with the company’s G50Z and G100Z gyros, the G150Z offers short-term bias of ≤ 1.2°/hour (1 σ) and bias over temperature of ≤ 0.1°/sec (1 σ). G-sensitivity is ≤ 0.01°/sec/g (2 σ), and axis alignment is less than 4 mrad (1 σ). It consumes less than 20 ma (typical). Single-sided power measures +5 V with a bandwidth of 200 Hz. The gyro’s ruggedized design offers 500 g shock resistance and handles 6 gRMS vibration. Included are an internal temperature sensor and built-in-test (BIT) monitor.


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