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Safety Switches Interlock Movable Protective Guards

The E100, E200, E300, E400 and E800 series safety switches have interlocking movable protective guards so that machines will only operate when the guard is closed and also stop guards that prevent switches from being opened while machines are running. These devices have a five-way pivoting key actuator design that allows for a certain level of play on the key-tongue angle of entry of up to 20° and up to 254 key codes for added safety. On the E800 series there is an electromagnetic interlock mechanism with an optional auxiliary unlocking mechanism. The E100 to E400 types are available with either one normally-open and one normally-closed contact or with 2NC contacts. The E800 safety switches have more options from 1NO + 1NC through 3NC + 1NO to 2NC + 2NC contacts all in either 24 Vdc, or 110- or 230-Vac versions. All models have slow action contacts with positive opening operation according to VDE 0113, VDE 0660-200, IEC 947-5-1, EN 60204 and EN 292 safety standards. Specifications include IP66, and operating temperature range is -35°C to 85° C.


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