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SAW Oscillator Targets Emerging Ethernet Networks

Designed as a reference clock for Gigabit and emerging 10-Gb Ethernet networks, the EG2001 is claimed to be the industry's first quartz surface acoustic wave (SAW) oscillator suitable for high-speed networks. Available in a four-pin, 5 mm x 7 mm ceramic SMD package, the EG2001 operates at frequencies ranging from 125 to 166 MHz. Other features include 3.3V operation, a 45/55 duty cycle, maximum rise and fall time of 2 ns, and an output-enable function. Another device, the EG2101, offers a frequency range of 80 to 250 MHz and includes both CMOS and PECL options. It is offered in a six-pin, 5 mm x 7 mm ceramic SMD package and also includes the output enable function. Price for the EG2001 is approximately $6.75 each depending on quantity.

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